Isabel Wickliffe

Reck Club Homecoming Chair

Brandon Dobson

Mini 500 Sub-Chair

Rachel Hurst

Mini 500 Sub-Chair

The Tradition

The Mini 500 is an annual tricycle race around Peters Parking Deck that occurs on the Friday afternoon before the homecoming football game. It is one of Georgia Tech’s most unique traditions put on by Ramblin’ Reck Club since 1969. Teams are comprised of seven members: 4 to take turns as the driver and three on the pit crew. Each team is required to rotate the front tire of their tricycle three times throughout the course of the race. All teams try to complete 8 laps without destroying their tricycle.

Sign Ups

Sign ups for Mini 500 are within the general homecoming sign ups and will be September 24th through September 27th at Mini 500 costs $100 dollars to participate in and include the tricycle and t-shirts for members of your Mini 500 team.

Tricycle Pickup

Each team must pick up their tricycle from the Spring room on the second floor of the student center during the designated pick up days and times, October 10th and October 11th, or they will not be allowed to race. Each team participating will receive a reminder email about these days

Tricycle Modifications

Each team must paint their tricycle in order to participate. RED TRICYCLES WILL NOT RACE. This is the only modification that a team must make, but it is highly encouraged that a team uses their knowledge and skills as GT students to modify their Tricycle further because if no further modifications are made the tricycle is almost guaranteed to not make it through the race. Common modifications are:

  • Changing out the front tire to be a larger and more reinforced tire
  • Adding padding to the seat and handlebars for your arms to rest on
  • Adding a foot stopper to the back of the tricycle

  • Race Day Info


    The Race will be around Peters Parking Deck with the Pits for each team lining the Peters Parking Deck side of Fowler Street and the start being at the corner of Fowler St. and Bobby Dodd Way. Each team will receive an email with their assigned pit number. The team will report to THEIR PIT between 5:00pm and 5:25PM and check in with their pit boss (A member of Ramblin Reck Club). Everything a team will need for the race other than their tricycle and wheel rotation mechanisms will be at their starting pit.


    Each team will have four members who are deemed racers. They will take turns completing a lap each until each racer has completed two laps for a total of eight laps done by the team. There are many different techniques used by racers to propel the tricycle so just choose what works best for you!


    It is difficult to propel a tricycle as a full grown human and may result in a few scraps and bruises so we recommend wearing some form of bottom that covers your legs (jeans, sweatpants, leggings) as well are wearing reinforcement on your shoes (such as duct tape) or shoes you don’t care about because they will be hitting the pavement and may get scuffed up!

    Pit Crew

    The team will also have 3 pit members who will remain in the pit and facilitate changes in drivers as well as the three front wheel rotations that must be performed after every 2 laps.

    The Wheel Rotation

    After every two laps the team is required to perform a rotation of their front tire. This will be monitored by the pit boss assigned to the teams pit and completed after lap 2, 4, and 6. A wheel reversal consists of removing the front tire, rotating it, and then reattaching the front tire.

    Have any questions? Reach out to Isabel Wickliffe, Reck Club Homecoming Chair, at