The T-Book

The Georgia Tech T-book was originally published by the Georgia Tech YMCA with the intention of providing a guide to the new Tech students about traditions, campus life and history. This original T-book was published for more than 65 years and stopped in 1970 due to lack of funding and the lack of partnership between Georgia Tech and its YMCA.

The T-book was therefore not able to provide freshman with a helping hand until it was revived by the Student publications Board in 1997 as a website that provided an overview of Georgia Tech traditions and history. The website soon grew out of date, and in 2008 Ramblin’ Reck Club decided to bring the T-book back in its original form. Since that entering class, every entering freshman has been distributed a T-book at freshman convocation. In addition to convocation, Reck Club distributes T-books to freshman dorm PL’s as well as to GT 1000 TL’s in an attempt to allow every first year to have access to the handbook.

The T-book in its modern form has sections which provide an overview of the Ramblin’ Reck, GT history, traditions, Alumni, Fans and Spirit and Athletics. Finally the T-book has been designed to be a resource to entering RATS by printing the guidelines to filling out RAT caps, the fight songs and a copy of the old RAT rules for those who want to participate.