Each year, one student is chosen from the ranks of the club to be the sole driver and primary caretaker of the Ramblin’ Reck. They are the only person with keys to the car, and the only person allowed to drive or transport the Reck. They know the ins and outs of the car better than the back of their hand and spends countless hours every week not only making sure that the car is running in tip-top shape, but also scheduling appearances, meeting with alumni and administration, and working on other projects in the best interest of the Reck. Despite the hard work, the job is perhaps the most meaningful and fulfilling on campus, and an unforgettable experience for every driver.

The History of Drivers

Since 1968, drivers have been selected by the Ramblin' Reck Club.

2024: Matthew Kistner

2023: Omar Khan

2022: Evalyn Edwards

2021: Ethan Rosman

2020: Abi Ivemeyer

2019: Ben Damus

2018: Hannah Todd

2017: Chris Healy

2016: Mitch Brown

2015: Hillary Degenkolb

2015: Jake Meisner

2014: Raj Desai

2013: Barrett Ahlers

2012: Stephen Webber

2011: Mike Macmillan

2010: Austin Berry

2009: Winfield Tufts

2008: Brandon Kearse

2007: John Bird

2006: Bryan Popka

2005: Ryan McFerrin

2004: Dustin Bergman

2003: Justin Barnes

2002: Brian T. Waits

2001: Andy McNeil

2000: Joseph Nilsestuen

2000: Patrick Edwards

1999: Joseph Nilsestuen

1998: Michael M. Eckert

1997: Patrick Edwards

1996: Patrick Edwards

1995: Brad Sand

1994: Philip H. Burrus, 4th

1993: Thomas Penny

1992: Thomas Priest

1991: Jeffrey Waller

1990: Phillip Kelley

1989: Phillip Kelley

1988: Steven Powell

1988: Evelyn Dale Morgan

1987: Richard Coblens

1986: Barry Whitton

1985: Todd Kelso

1984: Lisa Volmar

1984: Bruce Wheeler

1983: Darryl Dykes

1982: Christopher "Kit" Baker

1981: John Hodges

1980: Wesley Combs

1979: Bruce Wittschiebe

1978: L. Michael Lopez

1977: W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

1976: Kenneth Box

1975: Kenneth Box

1974: W. Scott Innes

1973: M. Russell Smith

1972: Thomas Robertson

1971: Steve Clark

1970: Patrick Hurley

1969: William Cherry

1968: William Cherry

Between 1961 and 1967, drivers were selected by the Student Council (now Student Government Association).

1967: Tom Feld

1966: Tim O'Shea

1965: John Ryan

1965: Doug Chandler

1964: Jack Painter

1963: Jack Painter

1963: Phil Gingrey

1962: Henry Sawyer

1961: Dekle Rountree

1961: Donald Gentry

The Reck

The Tradition

The Reck is an iconic mascot of Georgia Tech; An interesting start and a rich history make it one of the most beloved and unique mascots in the country!

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The Reck


The Reck was formally introduced as Georgia Tech's mascot when it led the football team out on to Grant Field for the 1961 homecoming game...

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