Ramblin Wreck Parade

Ani Benge & Jack Crawford

Reck Club Homecoming Co-Chairs

Ross LeRoy

Wreck Parade Sub-Chair

Will Hancock

Wreck Parade Sub-Chair

9:00 AM October 30th

The Ramblin Reck Club’s sign-up form is for individual registrations. Organizations wishing to receive points must also sign up for this event using SCPC’s Homecoming waiver, found at this link

The Tradition

The Ramblin’ Wreck Parade was created in 1929 as the Old Ford Race, which occurred for two years as a race from Atlanta to Athens. However, in 1932, the administration deemed the event to be unsafe, and thus led to the adjustment to the Ramblin' Wreck Parade in order to preserve the tradition.

The Wreck Parade is held the Saturday morning of Homecoming and is the last event before the homecoming football game. The original Wreck Parade consisted of two vehicle categories: Fixed Bodies and Classic Cars. Since 1932, the Wreck Parade has been an annual tradition, with the exception of 1942 and 1943, due to the gas shortages during World War II. In 1944, the parade was reintroduced with a third category - contraptions - which are built and powered by students.

Sign Ups

Participants must sign BOTH our waiver found here and through SCPC which can be found at this link.


The Wreck parade will begin at the McCamish Parking Lot and proceed up Fowler street finishing across Ferst Drive. The parade will commence at 9:00AM on October 30th. A full list of the rules can be found here.


Wreck Parade features three categories for entries: classic car, fixed body and contraption. Classic Car: A restored car which is over 25 years old. This category is specifically inspired by our very own 1930 Model A Ford!

Fixed Body: A vehicle which features a display designed and built by students and reflects the Homecoming theme. These vehicles are driven by machine power, and are most similar to parade floats. It may be towed by or attached to a car or other vehicle, or may be a car or other vehicle itself that is 70 percent covered in decorations. Allowed decorations include banners, pomp, streamers, etc as long as decorations adhere to the Entry Regulations above.

Contraption: Similar to fixed body entries, these vehicles are designed and built by students and follow the Homecoming theme! However, these entries are complete human-powered, so creativity and engineering skills can easily be showcased!

Have any questions? Reach out to us at wreckparade@gmail.com or rrchomecoming@gmail.com.

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